Centric Associates is an Investment Casting Mould Making, CNC Precision Engineering and Rapid Prototype company.
We have invested heavily in Rapid Prototyping machines and the latest 3D/4D high speed CNC Milling machines and machining centres. We pride ourselves on our Rapid Prototyping, high quality Investment Casting Mould Making and CNC Precision Engineering. We are extremely competitive on price and lead times.

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We supply a large number of UK and European based Investment casting foundries both with Investment Casting Moulds as well a Rapid Prototype Waxes for their customers.
Rapid Prototyping is essential in today’s Just in Time manufacturing environment; parts can be built overnight from Wax Prototypes. Our Wax prototypes provide a quick way of evaluating casting before committing to Investment casting tooling or to cater for small batches of Investment Castings direct from Wax prototypes.
Centric Associates offer a fast 3D CNC machining service for materials ranging from Model boards and Plastics to both ferrous and Non Ferrous metals. We can accept 3D models and drawings in a wide number of formats. Centric Associates also utilises its skills and CNC machine tools to supply CNC machined parts to a wide variety of industries. Our services and products are used in a variety of industries, from Education to Defence, Automotive to Architectural as well as Model Making.
Centric Associates have ельф бар a proven track record and the commitment to our customers is emphasised by the number of repeat orders we receive.

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