CNC Precision Engineering


Centric Associates produce precision engineered components from various materials including model board, plastics and steel and aluminium.

All are CNC machined directly from CAD/CAM data or customer supplied drawings. We also have the ability to produce both 2D and 3D models should the customer not have the relevant resources.

Centric undertake CNC machining ranging from prototype to small or large batch production utilising our extensive range of networked CNC machines. Our CNC milling machine and CNC machining centres are capable of machining complex 3D surface and 3D solid data as our machines do not require DNC links and are capable of machining parts of unlimited CNC part programme size.

All fixtures and jigs required for are manufactured by Centric Associates in house.

We provide our CNC machining and CNC precision engineering services to diverse range of customers including Model makers, Patternmakers etc.

As well as CNC machines we also off a Rapid prototyping service to supplement our CNC machining capabilities.

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